Thursday, 13 February 2014

Chaos reigns :)

So you all know that I am just a mummy who wants to help women shine for God in their everyday lives...

This week has been hectic in our house. My eldest son was off on Monday and Tuesday with a chest infection and a bad cough. He had a temperature and a flushed red face. And so we spent the first two days of this week snuggled on the sofa watching tv. I didn't do any laundry, didn't write any posts and didn't do much housework. But I did look after my son and made him feel loved and looked after. And then he went back to school and my third son is off with the same thing! The joys of having lots of kids!! :)

I posted a link the other day with a little note about looking at Proverbs 31 in terms of being single or married. This is something I have really being thinking about and something I really want to look into. So I have made the decision to postpone our Proverbs 31 study so that I can look at it more closely.

I hope you don't mind waiting a while and being patient with me as I get my rather chaotic thoughts out on paper! In the mean time I have some miscellaneous posts for you, and then we will be going back to the way we started - doing the '40 Acts' together over the period of lent.

More on that tomorrow!
Keep shining xx

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