Thursday, 6 February 2014

Laundry time again??

Yesterday I looked at being trust-worthy and faithful in the area of confidences and being counted on. But today I want to look at more practical areas. I have to admit that as I thought about what I wants to put down in this post, I put off writing it because I am talking purely to me and no one else. This is a hard one - and one that I struggle with so much. I may even cry before we're done!! :)

Her husband can trust her, and she will greatly enrich his life. 
Proverbs 31:11

When I first read Courtney's ebook (A Proverbs 31 Woman) regarding this verse, I cringed. Now I know I admitted to cringing a little at her list of things for verse 10, but that was nothing to the cringing that went on as I read her page for verse 11. The main thing that 'got me' was a list of questions she asked in the middle. She asked if your husband can trust you with money, bringing the children up right, your home, his reputation, faithfulness, controlling your emotions and making big decisions. 

Oh boy... I can think of at least one example of when I have let him down for most of these...   There are definitely too many to start to confess to you all on here, but there are one or two which have had a particular impact as I think about them.

I am not a good housekeeper. My mum is a wonderful housekeeper - and she taught me everything she knew - but somehow it didn't sink in deeper enough to stick. Don't get me wrong - if could go 'home' and clean Mum's house like a pro - but somehow I fail to put that knowledge into practice in my own house - even though it's much smaller and so should be much easier! It seems to be a mental problem because I certainly don't lack the skills to do it.

Instead of being organised, I clean like a mad woman when we are due to have visitors, which is nearly every week, but I have to ask myself when visitors became more important than my husband and my boys. When did I stop cleaning the house to bless my family and only when I think other people will be judging me? When did I start to put others first and give my kids the dregs, making them live in a sub-standard house?

See what I mean about the cringing....

And then we have the laundry. Oh yes. Do I really need to say any more? I saw a meme on Facebook the other any claiming that our monthly cycles weren't the curse after Eden - the piles of laundry were! I did have a little chuckle as I looked around my kitchen at three basketfuls!! :)

The fact is that I am as good at doing laundry as I am at housekeeping. And although that fact bothers me, I didn't really do anything about it. But as I read this verse again I started to realise that I need to get this area sorted asap. Let me explain...

If my husband wears his football kit on a Tuesday night to train in, and has training again on Thursday night and a match on Saturday, he trusts that I will have it washed dried and ready both times. And since laundry is something I do in our family, that's a very logical assumption. (For all you feminists out there - he does all the hoovering!!!) My sons also all play a sport, take part in organisations in church and obviously go to school - and they all trust that when they need x,y or z, that mummy will have it washed and ready. And do I? 

I'm ashamed to admit that sometimes I don't... Sometimes the boys have to make do with whatever I have washed - a jumper that they don't like wearing or that was their brother's and is slightly too big... And I have never (ahem!) sent my child into school in tracksuit bottoms because their trousers weren't clean in time... {blush}

But I have now discovered it's all about our attitude and the choices we make. I can choose to do the laundry and clean my house as if it's something that HAS to be done and I can't wait to get it over, or I can see that my doing it enriches the boys lives, makes my hubby happy because he knows I'll have everything ready just when he needs it, and enables them all to put their trust in me, knowing I'll do everything I should be, just when I say, to make their lives easier and ultimately to glorify God. After all, it's only in His strength that this unorganised laundry-phobe can change her ways! 

WOW! I knew I'd be challenged by this passage, but in two verses I've been challenged more than I ever thought! Thank goodness I can stand firm knowing that God hasn't finished with me yet. I truly believe that He will help me in all of this and I pray if you are along for the journey, that He'll give you the strength to change if you need to, as well. 

Keep shining xx 

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