Saturday, 8 February 2014

Mind games

Our minds are very curious things. This week in the 'Good Morning Girls'  study we are looking at focusing our minds on God and his Word, and it has been brilliant! But what does it have to do with our verse? 

Her husband can trust her, and she will greatly enrich his life. 
Proverbs 31:11

One of the big things we've been thinking about this week is how what goes into your mind can effect what come out in your words, attitudes and actions. As many of you will already know, I love to read and so one of the big things I had to look at this week was what exactly I was reading. 

When I read it takes me away into a land of fantasy and romance or intrigue and murder... And these books, when they are written by worldly authors and have nothing to do with God or faith, can be quite atrocious in their use of language, imagery and descriptions. It is said that something once seen can never be unseen. The same is true of words. If you read a passage in a book that describes a sex scene or a brutal murder it is impossible to fully get them out of your mind. Voice of experience talking here. 

I love books because they give my imagination a chance to really work but when I read the wrong things it works in a way I don't want it to, scaring me silly when I hear noises in the creaky house that we live in or making me compare my body unfavourably with the size 6 models in my romance novel. I can't see them in a book but my mind conjures up all sorts of images and I end up unhappy and unfulfilled. 

But when I read God's Word, or some of the wonderful Christian writers that I love, I feel uplifted, encouraged and rejoicing in the God who loves us unconditionally. Even romances and thrillers that have been written by a Christian author have a totally different vibe to them, focusing on God's design for a holy marriage or His power to prevail against evil and defeat the bad guys! 

I decided that I would go through my Kindle and delete the books I have no business reading. Now you have to understand that I really HATE deleting books - even if I've read them!! But I want my mind to be on spiritual things and controlled by the the Spirit rather than my sinful nature and desires. 

But my husband also needs to be able to trust me in choosing the right reading material. I didn't think it was a big deal until I found that the more 'Mills and Boon' type romance novels I read, the more discontent I became, both with my house and my marriage. I kept comparing my real flesh and blood husband to the 'heroes' in the books, or comparing the romance in our marriage to the grand gestures they would do, or my house to the country ranches or big mansions I was reading about. While I have been blessed to never emotionally or physically get involved or interested in another real man, I was wrong to compare everything I have to a book, and not realise that my husband was trusting me to protect my mind just as he trusts me to protect my body. 

So I went through my list, and deleted almost 100 books from my Kindle - but don't worry, I have plenty more good Christian books to keep me reading! It's important that my husband knows he can trust me to make good choices - both with my life in the real world and the life I read about in the books I choose. They should both come together to glorify God and if they don't then something needs to change. 

What things do you have trouble with? Books? Films? Possessions? 
I'd love to hear from you!
Keep shining xx 

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