Saturday, 8 March 2014

Day 4/40 - Connect!


This was an interesting challenge for me today. As I thought about my street (pictured above) I thought about how many - or few - people I know on it. I know my neighbours on each side - two lovely couples - and the house that is directly opposite me - a lovely family - and one other lovely family a couple of doors down, because their daughter is in my son's class at school. But that's it. You can see from the photo that there are definitely a lot more than 5 houses there. 

I don't find it easy to talk to people on my doorstep - it's so much easier to chat to someone half way across the world! But I really think that this has to change. These people are people I see walking their dogs, running up the street beside their child as they learn to ride a 2-wheeler, playing in the snow when the street comes to a standstill. 

But there are also the places I frequent in our neighbourhood - the local garage, the corner shop and the chemist - I go in each of these places frequently enough that I should at least know the staff's names, if not more about their lives. We always use the garage at the end of our road for petrol, milk, bread and the occasional Ben & Jerry's ice-cream!! In fact I use it so much that I will by-pass two or three garages on my way home, just to call in there. And yet I can't tell you any of the assistants names. And I know them all! 

And He said to them, "Go into all the world 

and proclaim the gospel to the whole creation"

Mark 16:15

We need to connect much more intentionally, and I think Easter is the perfect time to do that. The people who are on our road, or in our lives need to see. God's love in action but they also need to hear about His amazing plan of salvation. I will be using these next few weeks to think about how to bless these neighbours and friends-by-sight and to think about how to share God's perfect love with them. I knew this would be a fun journey - but I am so thankful that it is also such a challenging one. 
Keep shining xx 

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