Monday, 31 March 2014

Plans for this week...

Every summer I take this verse and stick it up on a wall and then plan our boys summer activities around it. As Jesus was growing up, as a human boy, He grew in four ways - in wisdom (intellectually), in stature (physically), in favour with God (spiritually) and with people (socially). This gives a great balance to the boys summers and makes sure we focus on some important parts of their development.

But it's important for me too. So each week I will be making a goal in each of these areas to try to meet. With this thought my plans for this week are :-

Intellectually - write at least 3 blog posts this week & register for the course I want to do in September

Physically - do my two PT sessions & exercise for at least 15 minutes each day (no excuses!!!)

Spiritually - Easter study (GMG) with memory verse - John 13:14-15

Socially - meet 3 friends - one friendship that's old, one that's new, one that's growing... all of which I can talk about things of God and be totally honest with - each one a wonderful blessing xx

I also have my Lent challenge to do over the course of this week. But I want them to spring up from my readings, so I'll have to let you know as I do them!!
What are your plans for this week?
Keep shining xx

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