Sunday, 30 March 2014

Why Easter Matters...

I hope you had fun looking at the challenges the 40 Acts site are giving us... I have really enjoyed doing them, but I have had a few really busy weeks and I feel as if I have failed because I didn't get to do them on the day they were given out, or post about them when I finally completed them. 

But that's not how we are supposed to feel... And it's not the purpose of  the challenge...

These challenges are given to us to encourage us to get our of our Christian bubbles and start showing the world around us who God is, how much He loves them and what He did for them. Easter is a perfect time for this since we are celebrating not only the fact that He died and took all of our sins on the cross, but the fact that He rose again and is ALIVE!!! 

So I've stopped posting the challenges, and instead I'll be giving myself one or two challenges a week - on a Monday - to try to do in the following week, with the purpose of sharing the Easter story with those in my world. 

Easter is a 'holiday' that I haven't really paid much attention to. I've done the 'giving up something for Lent', held an Easter egg hunt for the kids, rolled hard-boiled eggs down a hill to signify the rolling away of the stone... But I've never really interacted with the actual story in such a way that it has changed my life or the lives of those around me. 

This year I hope to do just that. The 'Good Morning Girls' team have put together a 4-week study to help us to really focus on why Easter actually matters. I am looking forward to really getting my teeth into it and showing those around me why we celebrate a holiday which is so much more than chocolate eggs. If you want to join us, why not have a wee look at their website and find out for yourself. 

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