Friday, 16 May 2014

Living a life of love... in Malta :)

Today we have a real treat for you!! Last week we started a new series on the blog featuring women who exemplify the idea of 'living a life of love' in various circumstances.

I would like to introduce you to a wonderful woman of God who lives in Malta, and who I have had the privilege to spend time with, albeit 11 years ago now!! I'll let her introduce herself and tell you a bit about her family...

Hi! My name is Robin Pinkston and I'm 41 years old.  My husband Earl and I have been married 17 years.  We have three children- Kathryn is 13, Thomas is 10, and Nathan is 6. We have served in Malta with the International Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Church (USA) since 1998.

How did you feel called to work here?
Earl and I both go back to times in our lives before we met each other to speak about our call to international missions, but our call to Malta was also very clear.  We had a list of several things we felt interested in doing but we went to the interview week end with our company with open hearts ready to go wherever God sent us.  The minute someone began to describe the job opening in Malta, we were amazed at how clearly it fit us. It seemed like they were saying, "Earl and Robin Pinkston, come forward!"

What are the biggest cultural differences you've had to adjust to?
I'd say TRAFFIC and the stores being closed in the afternoons and after 7:00 pm are two things that after fifteen years can still manage to annoy me.

How do you live a life of love where you are? 
My role is primarily of wife and mother and then I also lead out in the areas of children and women's work as well as prayer advocacy.  Mainly I'm just trying to be as whole and complete in Jesus as I can be, as that will make me more like Him and THAT will make me most effective in all those areas!

How can we pray for you? 
Please do pray that I (Robin) will be whole and complete in Him and grow more like Him each day, remembering that His mercies are new every morning when I inevitably fail! :-D  Also lift up the Women's ministry in Malta in particular and ask that our upcoming Evangelical Women's Retreat on July 4th and 5th will be well-attended and very significant.  

Thank you so much Robin for being the first of our special guests, and we will definitely be praying for you over the next weeks and months as you prepare for and during your ladies retreat. Thank you for being so faithful to God's call In your lives and for being such an example and inspiration to the rest of us as we seek to shine for Him. You rock!!! :) 

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