Friday, 13 June 2014


I'm so sorry for not posting this week - I've had a hectic week!!! Here are a couple of things we've been doing :)


Two of my sons had birthdays this week. The second eldest turned 10 on  Sunday and my baby turned 6 on Tuesday. I can't believe I now have two in double figures - and my baby... 6... he is growing up way too fast!!! 

So we have had a big birthday weekend. On Saturday we took 10 very excited kids to play laser quest (hubby and I joined in too) and lasered the life out of them!! We had a great time - there are plenty of little walls and hidey-holes and I really enjoyed getting my hubby!! The best thing of all was that the highest scorer was my sons best friend - he wiped the floor with all of us!! 

Then on Sunday we celebrated E's birthday with a quiet afternoon at home. We had a lovely meal at church - they do a family lunch every so often to raise money for different things - so we just relaxed and enjoyed a few board games and treats :)

Then Monday saw another party. This time we had 10 screaming 6 year olds cycling at Mum's house. She lives on a farm and has plenty of room so we got them all to bring their bikes and helmets and cycle for an hour! Then we had some fun, some games and they went home - tired but happy! It's a great party since they just want to run around like eejits at that age!!! Lots of fresh air!! 

And Tuesday was my baby's actual birthday so we had a lovely chilled day and a special tea out :) 

So the start of the week was kinda hectic, and since I was in school on Monday and Tuesday, there wasn't really time for much else!! And for the rest of the week... 


My hubby was off this week so we decided to take some time to sort out the pile of stuff that is starting to overrun our house. With a hoarder (me), a hubby who has lots of sporty things and four sons who all have their favourite toys, the 'stuff' we have is starting to annoy me. It's overwhelming when I have too many toys, books, clothes or kitchen things, since I don't actually have the room for them all to have a place to live. 

So on Monday my hubby sorted out under the stairs. This is where most of the toys live, as well as my ironing board, the Hoover and any sports equipment. Unfortunately this is the first place to start overflowing and needs cleared out regularly. So hubby went at it and totally transformed it. If I'd taken a 'before' picture we couldn't actually step into it at all!!! 


Amazing, isn't it!!! Then for the rest of the week we worked our way round the house, doing all the cupboards and shelves in the dining room and living room as well as the kitchen and the bedrooms. 

So 9 bin bags of broken toys, 10 bags of old clothes, 3 bags of old and 5 boxes to 'give away' later and I'm much happier!! We still have a garage full of stuff to sort through, but I guess that'll take the summer!! 

So I've been kinda preoccupied and busy so I hope you'll forgive me for not continuing our different series this week. Hopefully normality will resume on Monday :)) 

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