Sunday, 8 June 2014

Eat Pray Love

Time for another lovely weekend post, sharing different things I've lived this week :) 


I told you I'd try to make it a little healthier this week!! So here is my new 'go-to' salad ingredient - seriously, I have it practically every day of the week... 

Baby spinach leaves :) 

I absolutely love these - although I have to admit that a couple of months ago I didn't know they existed, and if I had I definitely wouldn't have even tried them!! But when I started my journey to try to get fitter, healthier and to eat clean, my nutritionist suggested trying these as they are so much healthier than eating lettuce leaves alone. My next challenge is to use them in a juice, but I'm not that brave just yet!!! 


This week I have been taking part in the latest Good Morning Girls study. It's called 'You Are Loved' and is based on a book of the same title written by GMGs own Angela Perritt and Sally Clarkson, author of many wonderful books like 'The Ministry of Motherhood' and 'The Mission of Motherhood'. 

This first week has been amazing. I struggle with lots of fears, especially that I'm not good enough to do something - as the gaps in this blog will show you - but I also struggle with two major issues in my life - a battle with food and a battle with laziness. I know that most people probably battle both of things and just think it's normal, but my battles go beyond normal. 

But this week has reminded me of two things. The first one is that I'm never alone - that God is always with me, helping me, guiding me and comforting all of my fears. 

And the second one is that He is ALWAYS there... a challenge that I have come to love this week. When I'm trying to sneak an extra biscuit, read something I'm not supposed to or sit on the sofa instead of doing some laundry... When I think that He is there to help me, but He also sees when I chose to linger in my sin... It's a definite challenge to live my life for Him :)


It's birthday time in our house this week!! Ethan turns 10 today and had a laser quest party with some of his friends yesterday, while Micah turns 6 on Tuesday and is having a cycling party tomorrow. It's fun having the boys born so close together, especially since they always get a special birthday tea and a cake for each school party... And Micah gets a cake to take into school as well!!! Lots of cake!!! 

I have been very blessed having four wonderful boys, and I love taking the time to remember the day they were born and the years that have passed - they go so quickly and it's so easy to miss so much but I am loving every single minute!! :)

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