Friday, 6 June 2014

Life with boys :)

I'm really learning a lot as I journey through a life with boys. 

You see I've never really been used to boys or boys things. I have three sisters, so it was all girls and my dad in our house. You can guess what won - dad's 'toys' (or anything boy related like fretwork, woodwork, gadgets and DIY stuff) were relegated to the 'workshop' or outdoor shed!! 

Add to that the fact that the majority of my cousins were girls, and of course all of my friends were girls, I really hadn't even considered the possibility of ever having a 'boy'...

Fast forward a couple of years and I ended up married to one of those 'boys' and giving birth to not one but FOUR of the same 'boy' creatures!! I am well and truly outnumbered and no matter how much pink I try to introduce our house is and always will be blue! 

I've gone from playing with barbies to fighting wars with toy soldiers, Lego men and Transformers. I go to see movies like Spider-Man and Cars rather than the lovely Disney princesses like Cinderella or Beauty and the Beast. And I read bedtime stories that involve mysteries and school boy detectives like Saxby Smart rather than love stories and happily ever afters. 

It's a big shock.

But I LOVE IT!!!!

"Children are a gift from the LORD..."
Psalms 127:3

Some things I knew already - like the fact that boys are definitely more into rough and tumble play, and more often than not it ends with someone crying... for about two seconds before they see an opportunity to dive on someone else's back or sneak on someone else's chair!! And the fact that they definitely need less structured play - they can go outside and literally play the same game for hours!!

And some things I found out - like the way not one of the boys an manage to walk past his brothers without hitting him on the arm - playfully I have to add - or teasing him or touching his hair or trying to just walk into him... You get the picture!! This happens 100% of the time and I have yet to see two boys meet in the middle of my living room and walk past each other untouched!! 

But some things have surprised me - boys - and my boys in particular - are very loving, very caring and very quick to help when they are needed. I'm not talking about chore things - that will come I hope!!! - but if I am crying for any reason (and since I'm a top notch crier it happens often!!) they will always come and give me a hug - even if it's my crying at an advert or a cartoon on tv. Don't get me wrong - they'll tease the life out of me later, but a hug always comes first. 

And they are starting to really think about things as we start to teach them how to be gentlemen. They will open doors for people, help Granny or Nanny in any way that they can and always let ladies go first through a doorway, in a queue etc. 

Boys definitely are different creatures but they are as fearfully and wonderfully made as us glorious girls, and I'm proud to be a MOB :) 

(MOB = mother of boys - just in case you thought I'd joined the mafia!!)

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