Saturday, 19 July 2014

Reality check!!!

So... you know how my posts this last week have all been joyful and happy and full of the joys of spring - oops - summer??? Well today I hit the biggest reality check ever!!! 

I had what amounts to an awful morning - complete with major meltdown, severely discipline and a mummy who longed for a beach, a book and a cocktail (non-alcoholic of course) as far away from children as she could get!!! 

It all started innocently, with my wonderful kids playing on their tablets/games console as it was raining outside. Now rain in itself usually doesn't pre-empt the row of the century, but the boys have spent most of the last week outside playing a football tournament (of their own making and not agreeing or should I say not being good sportsmen) and so they weren't exactly thrilled to be stuck inside. 

Add to this the fact that we go on down to Co. Fermanagh tomorrow to do camps with daddy, and mummy is starting to get a little stressed. Just a little... 

Chaos broke out when brother number 3 'played' a match on brother number 1's kindle... And he didn't appreciate it one bit. So fight number 1 started and escalated quickly. 

I was at the end of my tether. I herded them into the car - late - to go to my mums for lunch. And in the car I just lost it. Major meltdown. Total mental breakdown stuff. 

It wasn't pretty and I think the boys were shocked out of any arguments and bad moods. 

I was annoyed and I didn't mince my words. I let them know exactly why I was annoyed and exactly what I needed to happen. 

Then I arrived at Mum's ready to burst into tears. We had lunch, sent the boys outside to play and talked it through over coffee. 

Oh how I needed that coffee. I love chats with my Mum - she always talks sense, gives me great advice and best of all, she speaks words of godly wisdom into my life. She took the opportunity to remind me of my need of God in this situation and my need to take these 'family of boys' problems to Him because He's the one who can help. 

So often I stress, freak out and end up in tears - yep a lot more often than I'd like to admit - but don't go to God with it. I need Him - He is the one who made me and understands me far better than anyone here - even than Mum!! 

We're all happily playing, eating and relaxing at Mum's now but it was definitely a stressful day. So when you read my posts, please remember my life is just as hectic, stressful and fun as any day you have!!! We just need to keep encouraging each other, keep trusting Him and keep shining xx 

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