Tuesday, 26 August 2014

And back to school we go...

This morning 3 of my 4 wonderful boys went back to school. The other one goes back on Monday. Can I get a 'Hallelujah'??

As a mum you are in one of two camps around this time of year - you either are desperately sad that your kids are returning to school and you miss spending precious time with them... OR you can't wait to get them back into school to get back into routine... 

Of course this only applies to mum's who don't home-school. That's a completely different kettle of fish and I really do think you guys are saints - well either saints or totally off your rocker so I chose to go for saints!! I totally admire what you do, but I am sensible enough to know that I couldn't do it!! 

Which brings us back to school-going kids. I am in the 'can't wait for them to be back' camp - not because they've been hanging round my feet and I want rid of them, and definitely not because I have a whole list of different things which I want to do but can't because they're off school {ahem}. 

I'm glad that they have gone back into school today for 3 reasons - 

• They wanted to - yep - my kids are those weird kids who by the end of the summer can't wait to get back in to see their friends, do their sports and yes even do a bit of work! 

• They strive in routine - our summer was quite routines this year with a lot less activities but still they love the safety that being in the 'school year routine' brings them. And they love the fact that it also signals the start of the extra-curricular things they do too. 

• I get some free time again - mummy time, ministry time and time to do that to do list I haven't got!!! :) Like most mums, I'm on my own quite a lot in the summer because my hubby has been working - a little more interesting than most because he's been doing football camps, training football teams and even fitted in a trip to Lebanon but still working :) - so it's been a long summer. And as much as I love having them at home - and I do love it - it's a draining and tiring thing when it's 24/7. I am so thankful to all my family and friends who organised activities, invited us places and helped me out this summer. But now I get to do all the things have been buzzing round my head for the last 2 months!! Exciting times!! 

But as a mum - we're complicated creatures don't you know!! - I had to stop myself from tearing up as my 3 mini men walked out of the house in their new uniforms, school bags and lunch boxes, all excited and slightly scared!

And they each carry a note to their teacher for this year, introducing us - they'll know who we are soon enough anyway!! - and letting them know that they have people praying for them as they go through this school year. Because if I'm going to trust them to help me teach and mould my kids I need to pray for them. I need to give them totally over to God and trust that He will be there to help them. And I know how blessed we are to have a fantastic school and a fantastic bunch of teachers to work with. 

"Train up a child in the way he should go,
and when he is old he will not depart from it."
Proverbs 22:6

So here we are - the start of a brand new year - exciting, slightly scary and full of opportunity and potential!!! And of course every mothers dream job... 

Keep shining xx  

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