Thursday, 14 August 2014

The SBL review - part 2

It's time for the next update as we continue to tick off items on our 'Summer Bucket List'. Here are the next five completed activities - 

10. Bake - inspired by 'The Great British Bake Off' the boys made a sponge cake and some brownies - and they were all delicious!!!

18. Go to visit Nanna :)

29. Have a family game night - we love this - and this night I actually won!!! Yippee!!!!

5. Stargaze - I'm not sure this actually counts but Ben and I did go to the planetarium while we were on Glasgow :) We're hoping to get to do a little proper stargazing at the end of the summer with the rest of the boys, but in case we don't get to, I'm counting this!!!

16. Go cycling - every time we go up to Mum and Dad's house the boys go cycling. It helps that they live on a farm with a huge yard to ride around on and it definitely helps that Dad is a cycling nut - no really he is - and keeps bikes of all shapes and sizes for the to use! So this is a very easy one to fulfill but they love it so much it had to go on the list :) 

So that's 10 completed and 20 still to go.... Since we've less than two weeks left of summer we might be pushing it!!! But I'm sure this weekend will help - lots of fun things planned :) 

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