Monday, 15 September 2014

Giveaway time!!!

It's giveaway time!!!! :))

Tomorrow is the official launch day of Darlene's new book 'Messy Beautiful Love' and we have a giveaway to help excite you all about it!!!  

But first, I realised when I was posting last week that even though I have over 100 people who have 'liked' my Facebook page, (and thank you SO much for that!!!) they don't actually get to see all my posts because of FB's changing policies. So I'm going to run our wee giveaway in an attempt to make sure you get my posts where it's easy to read - your email!! 

On my blog there is an area at the top right where you can subscribe by email and the posts go straight into your email account. I do this with the blogs I follow because that way I can read them without having to get caught up and distracted by going on Facebook!! It's a great way if keeping track of series posts and of finding out about competitions etc. 

So this week I'm having a week-long giveaway with lots of lovely prizes. As I said at the top, it revolves around the book launch or Darlene Schacht's wonderful new book - 'Messy Beautiful Love' so my main prize is a copy of her book!! It's truly amazing and worth winning - or buying if you can't wait!!! 

But because I want you to feel well and truly appreciated, we have a couple more lovely prizes to join the book. You'll win:

• A copy of 'Messy Beautiful Love'
• A lovely box of Starbucks tea or coffee (the wee ones you can pop in your bag!) 
• A big bar of chocolate (to eat while you drink your tea/coffee and read Darlene's book)
• And a lovely candle (to set the mood to 'relax' mode) 

All you have to do to enter is subscribe by email!! If you already have done (or when you do) this then you can earn an extra entry by liking and sharing this post (yes on Facebook!!) and you can earn extra entries by liking and sharing the giveaway posts every day this week... 

BUT you have to subscribe to be entered in the first place!! 

This book is so good that I feel so privileged to be able to offer it to you like this. This will change the way you look at your marriage and will help you really love your husband in a better, more God-glorifying way. And you can't get better than that!!! :) 

So go on and get signed up - if you aren't in you can't win!! 

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