Thursday, 4 September 2014

Messy Beautiful Love

This month I'm highlighting and reviewing the brand new - not out yet - book by Darlene Schact which is beautifully entitled 'Messy Beautiful Love'. 

It's a brilliant book. I know I love books - but in the first four chapters I have laughed, cried and read so many challenges - so many things I need to put right in my own life - that I think it has quickly become my favourite book and no doubt I'll read it several times after this!!! 

The book opens with a chapter that will have you rethink everything you ever thought about Darlene. She has always inspired me, but I hadn't heard her story before, so it blew my mind. I can't give too much away - you NEED to read this book!!! - but suffice to say I have known of families going through similar things but with VERY different outcomes. The honesty, humility and graciousness with which she writes only causes you to weep even more tears and thank God for her testimony. 

She then talks about life early on in her marriage, where work and family life collide... And I totally agreed with her. As a sports ministry worker my hubby works from home, and there have been plenty of times when I rather ungraciously wished him a million miles away! Times when the boys were sick or when I was feeling very anti-social and just wanted to curl up in a ball and lie in bed... Or when he has an international conference call and I had to try to keep 4 rather hyper kids nice and quiet... Or when I was annoyed because life wasn't going my way, when I was feeling extra selfish and I wanted to lazily sit and watch TV in our living/office. 

Yet reading Darlene's account is making me totally rethink my attitude. Realistically he's actually not home that much since he spends most of his time coaching and in meetings and I need to realise that I am so blessed and so privileged to have my husband working from our home. I'm blessed because sometimes when I'm in the middle of a job for him and for out ministry he can nip in and do the school run, and because I am there to encourage him, pray for him, make him lunch or cups of tea and do little jobs for him right when he needs it. And I get to have some time just the two of us. My selfish attitude has been dulling my blessing. 

When I look at it from a servant-hearted perspective it changes everything. I need to be less 'this is my house' and more 'this is the home of a family that serves God'. It really does change everything. 

I know this is just one of the many challenges I have had hit my heart since starting this book, and I relish the thought of what's next. 

If you want to get your hands on this you can still pre-order it and get a pile of wonderful complimentary goodies:) Simply head over to the 'Messy Beautiful Love'  website and follow the links. You can even get a free chapter to whet your appetite!!! You won't be disappointed! 

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