Sunday, 2 November 2014

Happy November!!!!

Hi everyone!!!

Happy November!!! 

You may or may not have noticed that this month I took an unofficial bloggy break. I'm afraid that life in a house with 4 boys, a husband, and all the after school and extra-curricular activities that they fit in left me feeling quite overwhelmed and way behind in my laundry, cleaning and menu planing, to name just a few things....

So I've picked myself up after a lovely break away with my Mum and Dad - amazing how much that always helps!! Even us big kids just need our mummy sometimes!!! - and I'm back!! 

While we were away I watched the news - I know I'm shocked too but it happened to be on and I was too relaxed (not lazy - relaxed!!) to change it!!! - when a very interesting topic came on. They were discussing energy and the crisis that may or may not hit the UK if we get a very bad winter this year, as apparently the output is only just more than what is needed and if we get a really rough time we could be in for some energy restrictions. 

This got me thinking about how much we rely on electricity in our everyday lives, and yearning for days of old when life seemed to be a little simpler. 

For instance - I'll run through my day and see how much power we use...

6am - washing machine timer goes off setting load on wash
6:30am - heating goes on for an hour
7am - alarm goes off on phone... which is charging 
7:30am - electric shower
8am - washing moves to tumble dryer

Boys out at school / Hubby at work / Me either at school or at home
If home - washing machine and tumble dryer get used again and I usually have either the iPod or tv on as background noise. 

After school :
4:30pm - after the homeworks are done the boys watch TV or play on the tablets 
5:00pm - I cook dinner using our electric oven
6:00pm - the dishwasher runs 
7:00pm - the immersion might go on for bath time or the boys will have a shower (electric)
Also the heating goes on for another hour and of course all the lights are on. 

WOW! That's a lot of power and a lot of devices used in the course of a typical day. I've been talking to the boys about what might happen if we have restrictions - more fires being lit instead of the heating going on, nights by candlelight - all the nice stuff!! But the reality is finding ways to do laundry, dry clothes, and cook our meals. 

We take so much for granted and its sinful how wasteful we are in so many ways. Just thinking about a life without electricity or with limited energy has me dreaming of the days when we weren't so reliant on our iPhones or iPads or TVs or tablets... When we knew what was important - family game night in front of a roaring fire, or meals around the table where people actually talk to each other, so I'm determined to bring some of this back into our family life. 

Don't get me wrong - we do have our meals up at the table each night and the boys love playing board games - but I want to be more intentional about shutting down things we don't need on and start thinking about simplifying life a little. 

So I'm planning on starting by simplifying Sunday and bringing it back to a technology free age, where we can set it apart, make it special and spend some lovely quality time together playing games and reading - yes we may even get proper books out!! :) 

Just a couple of thoughts running through my crazy head!! I'll let you know how it goes!! :)

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