Saturday, 3 January 2015

Goals galore!!

Yesterday I shared my thoughts on how last year went right/wrong with regards to my goals, so today I want to share my plans for 2015 with you.

I'm excited by the thought of a brand new year, a visible symbol of how God's mercies are new every morning to us. So instead of setting year-long goals, I'm working a month, sometimes a week, at a time, pacing myself and hopefully giving my best all year long. 

So as it's 2015 I thought I'd give myself 15 goals and I split them into the 5 main areas I want to improve in my life. Let's have a look...

1. Time with God
As I mentioned yesterday I struggled with this during the last few weeks of 2014 and so it's my main focus for 2015. So I have three goals for this area...

I've just started prepping the Isaiah study so I'm very excited!! And of course praying for my hubby and boys is the best thing I can do for them. I'll be using the monthly plans I've used previously - linked here and here

2. Health - getting fit and healthy 
You know, if you've read any of my blog, that I struggle with my weight so this will be a big one for me yet again. My three goals for 2015 are... 

I know I did the whole 'swimming' thing last year but that was on holiday, and so this challenge is to go swimming with them in our LOCAL pool! Much harder and much more embarrassing!! 

3. Love - being a wife and a mum
I love being a wife and a mum, but being overwhelmed causes me to take any stress out on them, as they are the ones who know me best - so I have three goals in this area too... 

This will hopefully just help me to focus on them, love them more and show them, in a way they can relate to not just that suits me. 

4. Home - keeping house
Oh boy - when life overwhelms me this is one of the first things that goes. I get pleas like 'do I have any clean pants or socks?' constantly and it really hurts me when I get so far behind that these questions become necessary. So my three goals for 2015 are... 

I really do want my house to be a home and for my home to be a haven that my hubby and boys can relax in and regain their strength in. 

5. Shine for the King
This one should be obvious but I like the accountability of stating my goals for this year. I want to focus more on people this year and really show them God's love. 

This just helps focus me - and I have all five of these wee pictures on my wall to remind me of my goals for this year. Yes the year will get busy and yes things will happen to derail all I'm trying to do, but I want to focus on God most of all and all the rest will follow. 

Blog-wise I'm going to be following - JOY - finding true joy as I look at: 

I will be focusing on JESUS first, with titbits from my daily readings, things I've heard or read, or sermons I've been privileged to listen to. Remember that everything I write is to me first - I write this blog as a journey and it's what I'm telling myself to do - or shouting at myself to remember!! 

Then I want to focus on OTHERS - with a focus on giving, helping those who need it, and sharing God's love to all around me. This will involve challenges to myself to learn more about organisations locally, nationally and internationally that help people, and then finding ways to help them. 

And finally, because it's my blog, the 'Y' is for YOU - or me in this case!! In these posts I'll be sharing my life with you - the real, honest, messy but wonderful life that God has given me so I hope you'll enjoy reading, laughing and crying with me over the year! 

Let's get ready to SHINE!! 

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