Friday, 3 April 2015


It's not a word I'm good at. And it's not a word I like. 

I am great at starting things - like my chemistry degree (which I did for a year before changing) or my maths degree (which I messed up completely) or my WSF course (which I almost completed... but also isn't finished...) or my ballet classes or piano lessons or decluttering the garage or tidying our bedroom... My list of things I've started is endless. 

My list of things that I managed to finish is not. 

And that does make me incredibly sad. It makes cringe when I realise how bad my willpower, motivation and stick-ability is. And it makes me question why I am so bad at riding out the boring, tough or seemingly impossible times to make if to the end. 

But I am truly thankful that no matter how many things I have finished or how's many I fail to finish, the most important thing in my life is already finished. 

You see when Jesus hung on the cross to take the punishment of my sin, He said three little words that make my heart sing. 

"It is finished"

Those three words remind me that I don't have to earn my place on heaven - it's already been bought and paid for by His blood. 

They remind me that He loved me so much He died just so I could have eternal life - despite my failings and my sin and inability to stick with it. 

And most of all it reminds me that even when I fall and can't seem to do my Christian walk like I should - or read and pray like I should - He has me in the palm of His hand - safe and secure - because I am His and that's the end if that. 

He died on the cross for me. He died on the cross for you. 

Is it finished in your life? Are you sure and certain you are going to heaven or do you still have something to prove? Do you think you need to earn it? Or pray more for it to be the case? 

He is enough. He paid it all. Job done. 


  1. You post above is so,encouraging and just what I needed to read tonight Tanya. Thank you.