Monday, 6 April 2015


Today we had our annual Easter day out with my hubby's family and as I pondered what I was going to talk about today I thought about our Pastor's words on Sunday. So I'm going to use part of his illustration. 

We travelled to a beautiful part of our wee country - Rostrevor - to a forrest park. This park has lots of different layers. And I wanted to share my thoughts with you. 

The main attraction of Kilbroney are its spectacular views of Carlingford Lough and the Mourne Mountains. But to see them you have to get to the top. 

When you first go into the park there is a small car park on the right hand side. Here there is a small park office but nothing else. But you could still enter the park and think that was all there was to it. Nice trees, a log cabin office and a car park. To me this is like looking at Jesus and just seeing His love for us. It's lovely and nice but it's not anywhere near it all. 

Then further up the mountain and into the forrest park a little more, there is another larger car park on the left. Here there is a cafe, a play park and a picnic area. You could easily be mistaken in thinking this was what you'd come for. A little bit of a view but mostly just things to do and to entertain you. 

Just like when Jesus died for us. You could easily be mistaken in thinking that that was all we needed and all we were going to get out of Christianity. Having someone die for your sins is a pretty good deal, but you are still missing the big picture. 

If you keep going - right up the very top of the mountain - you reach what you came to see - the view. The big picture. It's amazing. Breathtaking. And very very worth the effort of enduring to the top. 

And in order to see the big picture and understand my faith you have to read to the end of the Easter story. Because without the end we have nothing. Jesus isn't dead - He's alive!!! He rose on the third day. The tomb is empty. And because of that we have life and life everlasting. Because of the resurrection we have victory over death and sin. And we have hope and joy and love. 

We need to go right to the top to see the view, and we need to read right to the end of the story in order to truly understand why I believe in Jesus Christ. 

Hope our lovely Pastor doesn't mind me stealing bits of his sermon, but it fitted so well with what we did today. 

Keep shining xx 

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