Saturday, 11 April 2015

DAY 7 - WHY?

What is my why?
This next question in my journaling series is one that has really made me think. Why am I blogging? Why do I put pen to paper (so fingertips to laptop) and think that I should publish it? Why do I think anyone would want to read it? Does that matter? And if not then why am I doing it?
My hubby has asked me this question often – because as someone who is very private he can’t understand why I’d want to put thoughts that are private into the public arena. And each time it makes me consider what the purpose of my blog is.
When I started ‘Shine’ back in February 2012 I wanted to encourage others to take part in the Stewardship ’40 Acts’ Lent programme. It was fun to try and get my friends and family involved, and since I had been working with ladies in my job for a couple of years, it was a natural progression to keep the page going after Lent had finished, to encourage them. So we progressed to working through Elizabeth George’s book ‘Life Management for Busy Women’. That was a fantastic book!!!
So it grew from there. There have been high points and low points, times where I’ve written lots of posts and times where I’ve been silent. But I have loved putting my thoughts down on paper (or online!).
So why do I do it now? And has the purpose changed?
At the moment I am writing because I want to encourage women all over the globe to get closer to God and to know they are not alone in whatever struggles they are going through. When I say ‘all over the globe’ I mean whoever happens to come across my wee blog and reads it!
Things I’d like to change? I’d love to get writing more and I’d love more interaction – like comments from readers or feedback as to what they enjoy or don’t enjoy.
Things I’d like to try? To work on a couple of series type things and maybe write a devotional or a study or some sort. But that’s a dream for now!
So the future plans? I will, God willing, be continuing to blog a few times a week (maybe more maybe less but that’s life…) to continue encouraging anyone who reads it and hopefully get a guest blogger or two on. We’ll just see what God brings into our paths and what I learn during my own times with God. Meanwhile if you want to leave me some feedback (good or bad I’m open to all!!!) please feel free to leave it!
And above all – keep shining xxx

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  1. It seems as if God has blessed you with a heart for reaching people, encouraging them and shining God into their live so could that be why?