Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Balancing life...

When it comes to trying to balance my life, I know that I can't 'do it all'. Its about finding out my priorities and working on them in a deliberate and focused way, giving glory to God and blessing those around me. So this is my plan!!
Week One
The most important thing to remember when I'm trying to learn about balancing my life out this summer, is that I need to give the first part of my day to God - every day - spending the first moments of my day giving Him my plans, and thanking Him for all He is and all He has done.
This can be hard, especially since I've told you all many times that I'm NOT a morning person!! But it makes such a difference. So part one of my 'balancing' will be to focus on spending time with God.
So my aim is this:
Get up a little earlier
and give God the first of my day.
So it'll work like this. Starting tomorrow I'll be getting up a little earlier - I'm starting at 7am and working backwards so that by the time school starts again I'll be regularly getting up at 6:00/6:15 to have a good hour to focus on God and plan my day, before the kids get up.
Week Two
The second area of my life is being a woman! You know the joys that being a woman brings out! The moods, the emotions and for me, the massive issue with food. This is something I've been struggling with for a long time, so I need to really give it over to God. I have prayed so many times, but I keep taking it back and then making a mess of it. Its embarrassing - to think that I could do more about it on my own than I can do with God... yeah... Nope!
So my second focus - alongside continuing to get up early - is
To REALLY give my journey with food to God,
to keep a food diary EVERY day
and to exercise or go for a walk EVERY day
I need it to happen for my health as well as to feel better about myself, so its a good focus for week two! Yeah!! Let's keep going!!
Week Three
This week's area of focus is my role as a wife - oh yes - something I sometimes get too busy to focus on. But not only do I want to love my husband, I want to set a good example of a loving marriage for my boys, and I want to glorify God through it. Not an easy job when you are as moody, emotional and selfish as me!!!
So my focused aim for week three will be -
Aim to show love and kindness to my husband,
meeting his needs and being a true help meet
and showing him how much I value and love him
Sometimes in the busy-ness of life, our marriages can be shoved down the list of priorities, yet what better way to show the love of Christ for His bride, the church, than to mirror that in our marriages, sticking together and putting the necessary work in to protect our spouse and protect our relationship.  
So that's my plan for the first three weeks - building on each other - to bring balance, harmony and a sense of beauty and adventure to my life, just where I am.
More tomorrow =)
Keep shining xxx

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