Tuesday, 6 October 2015


Apologies for the day long delay.... But better late than never!! 

This is a hard verse to write about. And yet it's a very easy concept. Tell people - and make sure to tell them everything - not just the nice bit. Unfortunately today's world is so PC that we are too worried to do this. 

Let's go back to the start. In the passage above God gives Jeremiah a task. He is to go to the courtyard at the front of the Temple and tell all the people God's message. God wants them to turn from their evil ways and repent. All Jeremiah has to do is tell them the entire message and if they repent God will change His mind and stop the punishment for their evil. But they don't act favourably and he has to flee for his life. Not the outcome Jeremiah would have wanted. 

So now to modern day. We have a task as Christians. And this is a task ALL believers should be involved in - not just Pastors or youth workers or missionaries... EVERYONE. We are tasked in Mark 16:15 to “Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to the whole creation", sharing the good news about God's plan for salvation and His amazing gift in Jesus. We are told to tell everyone. To share with all of our families, friends, co-workers, neighbours... everyone. 

And what should we be sharing? We are told in John 3:16 that "God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life." We need to share that while all humans are born with sin inside them that separates us from God, He has an almighty rescue plan and sent Jesus to take our punishment on the cross. We need to share God's love, His compassion, His mercy and His grace. Yayee - we get to share all the wonderfulness of God. 

BUT we also need to share everything else too. We need to share that sin is a problem - and that it comes in many different forms. We need to share that the consequences of sin are way more than being grounded or getting caught doing something wrong. The wages of sin are death. Plain and simple. If we don't repent we are going to die and spend eternity separated from God. 

This is the hard part. When was the last time you told someone about hell? Or about sin in their lives, or your life, that needed to be confessed and turned away from? When was the last time we shared the ENTIRE message and not just the amazingness of our Father? God is righteousness, forgiving and loving but He is also judge and cannot abide sin in any form.

People need to hear it all, God gave us the entire message to share. But in today's society we are so completely obsessed with not offending anyone that we've missed the point completely. We don't want to offend people who don't share our faith so we stop saying prayers, say  'Happy Holidays' instead of 'Happy Christmas' and don't help people to understand their sinfulness for fear of being labelled judgemental, hypocrites or narrow minded... 

It's a sad day when we change the Gospel to suit our hearers. Because when we do that it ceases to be the Gospel and instead becomes a fairytale. God gave us His truth to share and we need to get out there and tell people the entire message no matter who is going to be offended. Jeremiah had to run for his life. The Christians in Oregon paid the price for their faith and the fact they admitted it. Chances are the most we'll get is being taunted, called names or told we are narrow minded bigots. 

What are you going to choose to share? Part of the message or every single word? 
Keep shining xx 

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