Saturday, 3 October 2015


So I've made it to day 3!! (Only just!!) And what a verse we have today... 

At the start I had lots of ideas skipping round my head to write on, but this is one of my favourite times of year, so I want to share it with you. 

'Harvest' is traditionally the time of year where we thank God for His provision after we've brought in the first crops and give back to the One who made it happen. It brings back many fond memories - from bringing fruit and vegetables into school for the annual Harvest assembly, singing hymns like 'We plough the fields and scatter...' And going on Autumn walks gathering different coloured leaves. 

But the idea of harvest - of giving our first fruits back to God - is a much bigger idea that we need to really think about. When was the last time you gave your first to God? 

What about in your money? Do you tithe? 

What about in your time? Do you give to God first? 

And what about your focus? What are your first thoughts when you wake? Facebook? Emails? Or God's Word? 

Lisa Terkeurst recently spoke about her daughter giving her first 15 minutes to Hod - 5 minutes to read God's Word, 5 minutes to pray and 5 minutes to worship. It really did change her daughter'a perapective and I know it changes my whole day when I get up and give Him my first moments. 

So my challenge - when did you last do that? And if you've never tried it - give yourself a week of giving God your firsts and tell us how it's changed your life! 

Keep shining xx 

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