Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Fantastic February!!

I love the second month of the year - mostly because it is the month I was born so I get to look forward to my birthday!!! And this year is especially fun because I'm about to turn the big 4-0... 

I was a little worried about this as we edged closer to the start of 2016, but I've decided to embrace it because next year will be a rather boring 41st birthday!! So I'm going all out - a month of fun activities, time with friends and family and just having as much fun as I can!!! 

It already started with a lovely meal out last night, and will continue with an appointment to get my hair done in Friday, but my treats-to-come include a day spa, an afternoon tea and a weekend away with my besties at Passion 2016. 

But back to February!!! This month's focus is going to be my health. I'm continuing to focus on my relationship with God, and growing that, but each week I'll be incorporating something healthy into my life too. 

This is something I struggle with big style - from having a stress eating/ binge eating disorder to having a sweet tooth a mile long! So it's a big one this month. A big challenge for a big month - what could be better!!! 

So where are we starting? Well this week's first mini challenge is to try to cut down my sugar intake and to eat cleaner food - i.e. no take outs, jars or processed food. 

So far this week we've done a rather large 'meat' shop so I'm excited to get cooking and really put some effort into our meals. I'll share one of my new attempts at the weekend!!! (If it's edible!!!) 

What are you focusing on this month? 
Keep shining xx 

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