Thursday, 2 March 2017

H is for...

When it came to picking a word for this letter so many flooded my mind that I struggled to pick one. Then one jumped out and I realised it had to be this. 

H is for HEALTH. 

This is a subject very close to my heart as I am not very healthy, even though I know exactly what to I need to do - I've just been too lazy and gluttonous to do it. 

So let me share my story and where I am right now. 

Over the past lot of years - perhaps as many as 10 - I have had a battle with food. I have struggled with a binge eating disorder, emotional overeating and gluttony. I am currently about 5 stone (80 lbs) overweight and my BMI is atrocious. 

I've read lots of books and tried lots of plans - from Slimming World (which I just don't get), Weight Watchers (where I ended up maintaining for about 12 weeks), The Daniel Plan, fitness times and personal trainers. But in all of those times my head wasn't in the right place and so, with the best will in the world, I failed. 

I recently read an article entitled 'Are you exercising like unbelievers?' Which really spoke to me about what I'm actually trying to do. All along I've known all the right things - like my body being a temple - yet it didn't impact my heart. I've known that my weight loss / health kick needed to glorify God, but I thought that if I added a few verses here and there it would've 'Christian enough'. 

Nope! It doesn't work like that! 

So what now? What am I planning on trying to do next? 

Well... I'm planning on actually praying, spending more time with God and studying His Word, and taking the time to actually figure out how He wants me to lose weight. I have never actually asked Him what I should do before rushing to try the latest diet, so I think it's about time I started. 

I want to be fit and healthy enough to enjoy life with my family, serve God on the way He has for me to serve, and glorify Him in all I do and say. He's the only one who can help me - I'm just embarrassed that it's taken me so long to figure this out. 

I'll be sharing my journey as we go - mainly to keep me accountable and to share any success I have - to glorify Him and not me. 
Hopefully this really will be a great way to shine for the King! 
Keep shining xx 

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