Wednesday, 31 May 2017


So the combination of prompt questions and daily verses I got this morning was this... 

  • What conversation do I need to have that I’ve been putting off?
  • What am I scared of that has prevented me from having this conversation?

Ok then! So I've been thinking all day about any hard conversations I need to have. To be honest (and I really do try to be both honest and as transparent as I can be in this) there aren't any coming to mind yet. But I'm still praying through it. 

However, on a slightly different topic, I had one of the most freeing conversations of my life last week. During one of my counselling sessions we talked and she encouraged me to explain my thinking about a certain thing more clearly. What a challenge... 

Wow! This completely opened the flood gates as I sat and explored the subject we were discussing. It is amazing the clarity you get when you open up and talk about issues you just assumed you were ok with. I believed things about myself (from now and from years ago) that were totally wrong. Yet I believed them totally and utterly. 

Talking about them was so freeing. Saying them out loud made me start to question my sanity - how on earth could I be that stupid as to believe this stuff? And then hearing me try to rationalise my thoughts made me cry even harder! It's hard hearing the words out loud but so so empowering. 

Sometimes the person we hate the most is ourselves. Let's change that - not so that we love ourselves in a conceited way, but so that we can rejoice in the women that God created us to be and in the beautiful bodies He gave us. 

So my advice - have a conversation - whether to a counsellor, a best friend or a family member - or even to yourself in the mirror. And of course, the most important conversation needs to take place between you and God and let Him tell you exactly how amazing you are. 

Keep shining xx 

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