Monday, 29 May 2017

I am adventurous...

To be adventurous is to be willing to take risks or to try out new methods, ideas, or experiences. So, am I adventurous? Not really! 

I like everything to be exactly as it is, was and always should be. I'm willing to change things up a little, but not too much. Take my job, for example. I am a classroom assistant, but instead of working 1-to-1 with a special needs child, I am a general CA, which means I stay in the same classroom with the same teacher. Always. 

I love the routine-ness of it and the fact that, after 2 and a half years, I'm finally getting to grips with our curriculum and know what comes next or what craft comes with which topic etc. I just love the thought that I will always be prepared and not have to adjust to a new teacher and their methods each year as a class moves up the school. 

But as I thought about this email this morning, I started to think about whether I should be satisfied to be safe in my life. 

Where school is concerned I'm VERY happy being safe!! But, I would love to be a little more adventurous in my home life. This is something that has been on my mind as I started this challenge as I'm very boring at home! I would love to shock the boys one day and so something outrageous with them! 

So I'm going to think of some mini-adventures to do with the family this summer. We are all off from the start of July until the end of August  (roughly) and I want to please them and for them to actually enjoy my company this year. 

I'll be making myself a little list - places to visit (like the Giants Causeway), things to play (like mini golf or bowling), trips to go on (like to the beach or zoo) and memories to make. No doubt I'll have some posts on it before the summer ends! 

But why am I not adventurous? Why do I tend to stick to safe and boring activities like board games or movie nights at home? 

Well as you may have realised, I have 4 kids. They are all boys and 2 or them are now taller than me so they aren't that 'wee' any more. But up until now I have been a little scared to go and do things with them. 

Don't get me wrong - when my husband is at home we do lots of things with the boys - but that's two adults and 4 kids. I hate to admit it, but I tend to not go anywhere if I have all 4 on my own. 

That's a horrible thing to write. But I'll tell you why. I have always been scared that I wouldn't be able to look after them all, or that one of them would get hurt, or that I'd mess up, or they would misbehave... I was just too scared to try. 

The first time I did take all four of them on an outing we went to the Marble Arch Caves, outside Enniskillen in County Fermanagh. It was a lovely trip and we made it back safely and in one piece!! We even managed to have a great time! But I was so scared the whole way through - as if I could mess up everything by not being in control. 

But then I have to remember one very important thing... 

God has blessed me with a loving husband and four great children and guess what I've found out - He loves them all even more than I do. 

In fact He loves then so much He has better plans for each of their wee lives than I could ever begin to imagine. And He loves them so much He had counted every single hair on their heads! 

So that's why I should be able to go on my mini-adventures this summer and enjoy every minute of making memories with my boys. 

Because God has me, my cares, my worries and my family safe in His hands. 

Keep shining xx 

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