Wednesday, 17 May 2017

So far so good...

Today's journal prompt is to reassess how we're doing in our challenge and preparing for the next couple of days. 

I have 24 days left in my 30-day goal to... lose 10lbs.  

Which means within two weeks, I need to... lose 4 lbs. 

Which means in a week, I need to... lose 2 lbs. 

Which means in the next three days, I need to... eat clean and exercise. 

To hit that 3-day goal, today I need to... plan a menu and get my DVDs out. 

This is actually a great task to do to every so often to keep me on track - I get overwhelmed thinking about 2 or 3 weeks worth of cleaning eating and exercising, yet writing out a menu for the next couple of days is entirely doable, and getting out my DVDs and - surprise surprise - actually trying one (!!!) is also entirely doable! 

I think when I'm trying to do challenges, or change things in my life, I tend to go big and then fail. So often it's a big "let's do this" followed by nothing. In reality as Tesco adverts tell us - "every little helps!" What I do each and every day makes all the difference. 

Recently I was challenged to think about it this way

  • I usually wake up late... but then I usually end up rushing around and being late for work 😕
  • I usually eat too many sweets and chocolate for my tea break... but I usually am overweight 🙁
  • I usually end up having a nap when I come home from school because I'm not sleeping right at night... but I usually am overtired and that perpetuates my lazy streak so nothing gets done ☹️
  • I usually go to bed and read or play games on my phone... but I usually don't sleep well and am therefore extra tired. 😩

Do you see what I mean? Every decision I make each and every day has a huge knock on affect and at the moment it is in a very negative way. So from tomorrow (or right now!!) I aim to make my usually into something positive - shifting my habits to become something to help achieve my goals. 

Hopefully we'll see some real difference as we go along! 

Keep shining xx  

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